WRISTBAND 20mm VEGAN Brown

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    This vegan replacement strap fits for Anton, Caspar, Clemens, Fritz, Mattis and Walter.

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    Going vegan has never been this easy! Our beloved swappable watch straps are now available in vegan Texon Vogue material - Made in Germany. The sustainable band is made from a mixture of paper and artificial latex and is both stable and allergy friendly. Thanks to the easy-click-clasp, you can change the strap in seconds and thus transform your watch to your liking! This way, you can change up your looks and turn a Kerbholz with a leather strap into a vegan version in no time.

    This vegan wristband is designed for our models Anton, Caspar, Clemens, Fritz, Mattis and Walter.

    Tip from us: Keep in mind that the color of the clasp should be consistent with the stainless-steel elements of your watch’s body.

  • Bracelet: Two-piece soft bracelet made of vegan Texon Vogue (OEKO-TEX certified)
  • Claps: Easy-click-clasp made of coated, recycled stainless steel
  • Allergy friendly: The bracelet made of sustainable, stable paper material is particularly allergy friendly
  • Model Anton, Caspar, Clemens, Fritz, Mattis, Walter
    Collection Masterpieces, Elements
    Clasp Pin buckle
    Wristband material
    Wristband length 110 mm
    Wristband width 12 mm
    Wristband colour

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