Advent calendarKERBHOLZ & Friends

    Advent calendar KERBHOLZ & Friends

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    The perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones more

    Advent calendarKERBHOLZ & Friends

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    Together with selected, friendly brands and with a lot of love & heart and soul, we have put together our very first KERBHOLZ & Friends Advent Calendar for you. Our advent calendar is anything but conventional, because instead of 24 doors (with, let's face it, often pretty shoddy content), our advent calendar consists of four high-quality surprises which you can look forward to every Advent Sunday. In doing so, we create a minimalist, sustainable alternative to the traditional Advent calendar.

  • Sustainable advent calendar with lifestyle products
  • Four bags made of organic cotton for each Advent
  • High quality zero waste products like jewelry, socks & more
  • Value of goods at least 185€
  • All surprises can be used regardless of size
  • Reusable packaging in stylish cardboard box
  • 2 previously unreleased products

    Surprises are not your thing? Or do you want to give the bag away and know beforehand what you are giving away? No problem! Just click on "DETAILS" and we'll tell you what's inside from whom :-)


    Attention! SPOILER ALERT, if you read on now, we'll tell you what's in the advent calendar.


  • KERBHOLZ:  The perfect earrings for Christmas. We give you unique jewelry made from natural material! The handmade unique pieces are made of metal and filigree wood details and are simply timelessly beautiful eye-catchers that enhance any look.
  • Snocks: Gloves, hat, scarf,.... warm socks can not be missing! Good that the Snocks team has thought along. In addition to another individual surprise, you will receive two sets of stylish socks made of comfortable organic cotton, which are perfect for leisure as well as sports.
  • Change:  Instead of the well-known sustainable cell phone chains, change has come up with something special for this Advent: Your change Advent bag contains an exclusive change belly bar made of 100% organic cotton with which you always have everything important with you! To keep things exciting, the colors will be randomly distributed. In addition, you get a sweet Christmas postcard made of recycled paper, so you can make others a little joy.
  • Oh shanti: Start Advent with a little more mindfulness. The team at oh shanti has designed a loving self-care package for you that strengthens body and soul. In addition to zero waste bath products and tea, you'll also find great recyclable stationery for more focus.




    More about the brands:

    Snocks started in 2016 as a young company from Mannheim, Germany and offers a wide range of underwear & socks made of high-quality and eco-certified materials that stand for comfort, style and quality.

    Founded by women* for women*, change is not only committed to sustainable products, but to equality and advancement of girls* and women*.

    Oh shanti is a subsidiary of vegan box and stands for self care and sustainable products for your personal time out.

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